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Mortuary Mail - "When did Carmen and Hillary meet?"

[Jeanette Jeanie Mard from Facebook asks: I'm mostly curious did our favorite sapphic couple meet when they were alive or post mortem?] [Hillary: "We met my freshman year in college"] [Living Hillary unpacks in her dorm room. Voice: "Knock knock, around the block!"] [Living Carmen stands in the doorway. Living Hillary: "Oh, uh, hey. I'm Hillary. Are you my roommate?"] [Living Carmen: "Nah. I'm Carmen, your RA, so I guess I'm basically everyone's roommate. My door is open for whatever you need."] [Carmen: "And, hey, don't think I didn't see you have a guitar. Let me know when you're looking to jam. I wanna see what you've got."] [Carmen: "Sorry if you were expecting something steamy." Hillary: "Sometimes the greatest love stories take a while."]

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