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Mortuary Mail - "Does one of the ghosts have a dark and mysterious past?"

[Olivia Oliveri from Facebook asks: Does one of the ghosts have a dark and mysterious past?] [Catfield: "Not so mysterious, but - surprise - ol' Catfield managed to have a little darkness leak into life!"] [Catfield: "I was at the top of my game. Sales were good and business was booming"] [Catfield: "I had just dipped into produce, and was trying to move some Kalamata olives. But when I arrived at the corner deli..."] ["...there was no one up front!"] ["I should have just left then and there, but I noticed the door to the back was ajar - and - boy, oh boy!"] [Catfield: "Two goons were beating the tar out of the butcher"] [Catfield: "And, of course, I'm such a klutz. I managed to break a jar of olives as I tried to slink away. And just like that - badda-bing-badda-boom - Ol' Catfield was under the thumb of the mob!"]

Do you have a question for the Obituary characters? Ask in the comments and check back next week to see what question they've answered :)

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