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Mortuary Mail - "How did [the ghosties] each die and how do they feel about it?"

[Ashley Wong from Facebook asks: This is a hard question for most of the ghosties but, how did they each die and how do they feel about it?] [Gramplin: "I died of old age. Not a bad way to go, considering how close to death I was during the war."] [Plume: "_I_ died of typhoid and it was excruciating. But... I now have far more time to read, away from any social obligations..."] [Marloon: I managed to electro-drown myself. Ha. Typical ol' Marloon, huh?"] [The ghosts stare at Dr. Marloon. She smiles.] [Marloon: "Don't worry. Next time I won't test my matter transporter on _myself_ first. Lesson learned."]

Do you have a question for the Obituary characters? Ask in the comments and check back next week to see what question they've answered :)

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