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Mortuary Mail - "What was June's life growing up?"

[Devid Sands from Facebook asks: What was June's life growing up?] [June: "Other than helping run a mortuary, my childhood probably wasn't that different than yours."] [June: "Every family has someone who's a little strict, or edgy, or too good-natured for their own good."] [Gramplin: "And every family has a hero to look up to!" June: "Gramplin, I was-"] [June: And everyone's famil has that one person who, once you get them going..." Gramplin (background): "It was dawn. Fog surrounded me and my men as we approached St. Marcus Church. Scouts had reported the Confederacy was just south of there but as we neared, I heard the faintest whinny. The army had us from the tail! But no army in history gets the better of General Trulish Gramplin! No sir! Without a moment of hesitation, I turned to Major General Patcher with the most wild plan. 'Pat... ...aid, 'Command the troops to... ...Patcher's a sharp tool, ... gobsmacked. 'Dismount?! Yo... ...Mad perhaps, bu... ...metimes yo... ...little mad to be... ...a wily f... ...your fight"]

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