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Mortuary Mail - "What's June's key for?"

[Anurag Yadav from Facebook asks: What's June's key for?] [June climbs a tree, reaching for her key. Voice: "Missing something, June?" June: "Yeah, who's...?"] [June: "Oh... hi... Tree...?" Tree: "It seems you and your key are doing the wrong things."] [Tree: "A key should open things. And you? You should visit your mother!"] [June sits bolt upright in bed, clutching her key.] [Sandy: "June! Is everything all right? You just screamed!" June: "I did? Weird. I feel fine, Sandy. I think I had a weird dream. I can't really remember anything though. Maybe there was a tree? Anyway, it was just a dream."]

Do you have a question for the Obituary characters? Ask in the comments and check back next week to see what question they've answered :)

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