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Spectral Soda

Happy 4th of July! Sandy's "fireworks" are much tastier than Dr. Marloon's, even if they are messy. If you celebrate it, what are you doing for the 4th of July?

[Sandy: "Oh, Blatsy, check this out."] [Sandy shakes soda. Blatsy: "What are you-?" June: "Blatsy, get down!"] [FWOOM! Soda sprays everywhere!] [Sandy: "One of the perks of being dead is not having to worry about getting your clothes dirty!" Blatsy: "Neat!" June: "I'll find a mop." Student 1 (distantly): "Is that bottle floating?" Student 2 (distantly): "I'll bet that Witch Girl is using her evil magic!" Student 3 (distantly): "I find that floating bottle both strange and alarming, and I objectively despise whoever made it do that."]

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