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Role Models

With role models like these, who needs, anything more?

Stay tuned here!

[Lady Plume: "Trulish, do you worry that June will make improper decisions at school?" General Gramplin: "Why, Lady Plume, there's no need to fret!"] [General Gramplin: "We've been perfect role models! You've taught her manners and fairness, and I've taught her to be honorable and bold!"] [Voice: "Trulish Gramplin, you rat! That feather duster belongs in my great grand mammy's coffin! You've even gone and left it open!"] [General Gramplin: "Well, I'm, uh, sure I taught her something..." Voice (in the background): "Gramplin! Just you wait 'til I get my ghostly mitts on you!"]

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