[Mets from Discord asks: "How or why don't the ghosts embrace modern Technologies like the iPhone?"] [Dr. Marloon: "Mercy me, but we do!" Edmund: "Yeah, mate, I've stolen _loads_ of 'em!"] [Edmund: "In fact, I'm gonna go steal me some more right now! Ha! That'll show ya!" Dr. Marloon: "And we do use them sometimes..."] [Dr. Marloon, tapping a smart phone with the finger of a severed hand: "...but June doesn't quite like how. Hey! It's not _our_ faults we don't have capacitive fingers!"]

[Coach McKinney: "Re-gret it! Vince Rasp! Do you believe this is a suitable apology?" Vince: "Yes, Coach, I certainly do."] [Coach McKinney: "This is a flip-dingin' plagarized statement!" Vince: "You never said it had to be my _own_ apology."] [Coach McKinney: "This smarmy back-sass never ends with you! Write an apology personal to this exact situation about plagarizin'." Vince: "Well _now_ I know what I'm supposed to do. Thanks for clearing that up, Coach."] [Coach McKinney: "Teens are just a bunch o' hormone-filled monkey paws."]

[Alominos from WebToon asks: "Did the youngest ghosts visit their families? If yes did they reveal themselves?"] [Sandy: "Gosh, I _wanted_ to, but... I couldn't find my way back fast enough to see everyone..."] [Sandy: "When someone becomes a ghost, they don't always start in the mortal plane. So getting back in time to see someone you care about is... rare..."] [Sandy: "I _did_ manage to see Shelly before her wedding night! Though that _miiiight_ have been the cause of her heart attack..."]