[Nathan Grefsrud from Facebook asks: "What kind of movies do the ghosts enjoy?"] [Plume: "Comedies." Carmen: "Yeah, comedies." Sandy: "Yeah, I like the comedies." Dmitri: "Dah."] [The ghosts are silent.] [Dmitri: "When many of our lives were tragic or cut short, you come to appreciate a good laugh more."]

[Shannon Moyer from Facebook asks: "Is Lisa Rose so mean and rude because her parents spoil her with money but ignore her otherwise?"] [Lisa Rose: "Oh. Is that what you think? That parental neglect has impacted my demeanor?"] [Lisa Rose: "It's a cute theory, but I don't need your assertions into my personal life."] [Lisa Rose: "I pay conselors and a therapist for that, thank you very much."]

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