Revamplin' Gramplin

June's jumping right into her next adventure... Revamplin' Gramplin. As always, if you want to see behind the curtain, join us on Patreon, and if you want to stay up-to-date with big announcements, join our mailing list. And all of Spectre Elector is now posted on WEBTOON -- check it out here!

Spectre Elector - p22

That wraps up Spectre Elector! We hope you enjoyed it. And now we can all look forward to B.E.E.P. B.O.O.P's reign as Freshman Class President. If you enjoyed the story, consider joining us on Patreon. You can also read the whole thing on WEBTOON, plus the other comics. You can also join our mailing list to hear any big updates we have. Stay tuned for the next episode, which is right 'round the corner!

Spectre Elector - p21

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