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Revamplin' Gramplin - p12

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[Voice: "Stop this rehearsal at once!"] [Mamplin: "Oh no."] [Hillary: "Hey, Trulish! Better hold onto that body!" June: "We don't have the full story about Trulish Gramplin."] [June: "He didn't die on the battlefield like the statue outside of our school would suggest!" Mamplin: "Now, hold on there--" Student: "Has that window always been there?"] [June: "Because, in fact, he died as the unsung savior _of this town!_"] [Student 1: "A secret identity?" Student 2: "I don't see _that_ information in this play." Student 3: "This literature has dramatized, and omitted elements of the truth, and that realization has shaken me."]

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