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Revamplin' Gramplin - p3

We hope you're enjoying Revamplin' Gramplin so far. Keep expecting these pages coming out weekly, even amid the pandemic; being holed inside is great for our productivity, and we want to keep bringing joy to our readers.

Stay safe, hang in there.

[Gramplin: "A play about me, eh? I'm sure it highlights my bravery and--"] [Gramplin: "Wait one sardine... Burgling stores... Bribing the natives... Impersonating General Grant to attend a gala! This is outrageous!"] [June: "But you did all those things." Gramplin: "Well, yes, but where's the mention of all the good I did?"] [June, Blatsy, and Sandy avert their eyes.] [June: "...We should... really go back to memorizing our lines..." Blatsy: "Right. That school paper's theater critic won't impress himself." Gramplin: "You're going to perform this slander for a critic? Who writes for the print media? I've got to stop it!"] [June: "No, Gramplin, you don't. You can't just rewrite history."] [Gramplin: "Or... can't I...?"]

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