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Spectre Elector - p9

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[June: "Great, Lisa Rose rebranded my style so everyone's dressed the same. I'm not standing out any more."] [June: "We have to try-" Voice: "-something wild and radical?"] [June: "Oh no." Dr. Marloon: "Oh yes! Sounds like you could use my newest invention: the Campaign Flare! It super-heats--"] [June: "Dr. Marloon, I truly appreciate the sentiment, but... your intentions are often misplaced."] [Dr. Marloon: "Nonsense! My dual-turbine engine tripled outputs in the Industrial Revolution!" Blatsy: "In terms of energy?" Dr. Marloon: "In terms of _smog_! And _that's_ what the Industrial Revolution was _really_ about!" June, quietly: "Dr. Marloon, please leave."] [Dr. Marloon: "Would you at least consider B.E.E.P. B.O.O.P. as your vice presidential candidate?" June: "That's not how this works!"] [Dr. Marloon: "Don't worry, June. I'll help you yet!" Dmitri: "You know, Comrade Crocker, is not all bad when everyone is same..."]

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