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Spectre Elector - p8

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[Elsewhere... Lisa Rose hangs a poster] [Poster: "You can't spell 'June Crocker' without 'Conjurer'. She's a witch. Vote for Lisa Rose" - Lisa Rose loses balance.] [Lisa Rose stands on Violet's back. Lisa Rose: "Hold still, Violet!"] [Daisy: "Crisis! Cemetery Girl's trying to stand out with a trendy new look!"] [Lisa Rose: "I guess we'll just have to flush out the stand out."] [Elsewhere... June: "This is going great. I'm already feature in the school paper!" Blatsy: "And that's read by TENS of people!" Catfield: "And no one's condemning you for health code violations!"] [Sandy: "And look, June. You even started a fashion trend!" June: "What the-?"] [Lisa Rose waves from under a sign: "Lisa Rose brings you the latest fashion trends" as the Flowers distribute outfits identical to June's to everyone, with Lisa Rose buttons. Catfield: "OH NO. They re-spun our spin!"]

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