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Mortuary Mail - Have you seen the ghosts doing human things?

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[Aerick Long from Facebook asks: Have you seen any of the ghosts doing human things on accident out of force of habit??] [Hillary: "As one of the most recently decease, the adjustment process is a gradual one. Like, I still sometimes flinch before passing through walls."] [Hillary: "Realizing that you can pass through anything is dope, but disorienting, floating is way bizarre, and learning how to pick things up is tricky"] [Hillary: "It's a bummer to be stripped of most of our senses, but fortunately we've worked out a system."] [June: "Hey Hillary! Carmen's finished your birthday meal. Are you ready to go downstairs?" Hillary: "Am I ever!"] [Hillary mindscapes June.] [Hillary: "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm about to saver the ever loving taste of of a medianoche!"]

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