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Mortuary Mail - "I ship Blatsy and Sandy... it's not entirely out of the realm of possibili

[Marcus Ganser from Facebook says: I ship Blatsy and Sandy. Now I'm not pushing anyone for a definite answer here,'s not entirely out of the realm of possibility, right?] [Sandy: "Lady Plume, may I ask you a personal question? It's about love between ghosts and mortals... Do you have any... opinions about it?"] [Lady Plume: "Love between a ghost and a mortal? Why would you ask me about a thing like that...?" Sandy: "Well, I heard that when you were mortal you... dated a... phantasm..."] [Lady Plume: "Such a thing is possible, Sandy, but it is also quite difficult and can lead to a lot of hurt... You will have different viewpoints. Different needs. You will have to make _sacrifices!_ Sacrifices that will _stay with you!_"] [Sandy: "But that just sounds like _any_ relationship."] [Lady Plume: "I suppose you're right. Have fun with your romancing." Sandy: "Hooray for love!"]

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