Holy wow! More than 3 Million people have watched June's first day of school!

So what's she up to now?

[Voice: "June! It's the day! It's the day! Oh my goodness! It's the day! It's the DAAAAAAAAAAAAY JUUUUNE! JUNE! Get UP, June! You don't want to be late!"] [June: Wh-Sandy... It's just my second day of high school. And it's so early..."] [Sandy: "I know, June, but think of all the people who are eagerly waiting to see you again at school! It may have only been one day, but to some it may feel closer to 666 days, give or take 12 hours." June: "That's uniquely specific." Sandy: "I know, right?"]

Stay tuned here!

We've just added a Fan Art page, featuring some images we've received that have made us very very happy :)

If you have fan art to share, we'd love to see it too! You can send it to us at BarryteBros@gmail.com if you'd like us to check it out!

Zach here:

Holy heck! Just a few days ago, we reached 1 million views --

-- and the number keeps rising!

We're both delighted and thankful for all the love folks have shown us on teh interwebz! Not only have the numbers made us happy, but so too have both the positive reception and thoughtful criticisms we've received. Just to give shout-outs to a small sampling:

Thank you White Wolf 101, Garnet Mausome, Madison, #Hi Bro ! and many many many more!

As Michael noted on the Facebook page, we want to make more episodes! :) Right now, we're looking at different ways to fund, create, and distribute more episodes.

Until then -- THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH :) We, quite literally, could not have done this without you.