[alphaghoul1 from WebToon asks: "Before [June's] parents died, maybe they ran [the mortuary] before the ghosts did?"] [Lady Plume: "It's no secret that June's father's family owned this property for multiple generations."] [Lady Plume: "Family histories and such and property paperwork is just a rather dull affair."] [Lady Plume: "Less dull, however, are all of these embarrassing photos of June's father as a baby."]

[Carmen and Hillary cook. Sandy: "Oh, this looks positively scrumptious!" Carmen: "Thank you, Sandy, but do not take a figurative step closer. Please honor _The Pact_."] [Sandy: "I know. I will! I am! I wasn't going to tidy or tamper or critique your cooking!" Carmen: "Good."] [Sandy watches Carmen and Hillary cook.] [Sandy: "I was just curious why you'd use a yellow onion instead of a shallot for your sauce?" Carmen: "Sandra, you are walking a fine line here!"]

[javiermetal66 from WebToon asks: "June: don't you think Vince is kinda hot?"] [June: "Not really, no." Sandy: "Really? You don't find is his bad-boy charm and rebellious ways even the _slightest_ bit alluring, or even mysterious?"] [June looks at Sandy.] [June: "Sometimes I forget how different we are." Sandy: "You can at least admit he has swell slow-dancing shoulders."]