[Blatsy, extending a hand to a one-armed knight ghost: "Oh hello! I've never noticed you around here before! I'm Blatsy! What's your name? How'd you die?"]

[Knight Ghost: ""]

[Blatsy: "Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't quite hear you. Could you speak a bit lou-"]

[Ghost Knight removes its helmet revealing a lack of head]

[Blatsy: "Oh! No wonder I couldn't hear you! So what's your name? How'd you die?"]

[BootStrop Paradox from YouTube says: "I've had more gym coaches teach me world history than fingers on my hands"]

[Coach McKinney: "Well what the free-throwin' heck is THAT s'posed ta mean?"]

[Coach McKinney: "How do you know I ain't just a hist'ry teacher who teaches basketball??"]

[Coach McKinney: "It's not the case, but how do _you_ know, huh??"]