[Nakita LuckySibih from WebToon asks: "Who's Calvin Locke? [Daisy's] Secret Boyfriend?"] [Calvin Locke: "Heh, yeah, it's me. Calvin. I'm pretty cool I'd say. Funny and stuff, huh."] [Calvin Locke drinks a soft drink.] [Calvin Locke: "Ha ha, yeah, I'd say I'm pretty funny." Daisy: "OMG! See? He's _so_ funny! Hahaha!"]

[Carmen: "And you just downloaded this program for free?" June: "Yeah."] [Carmen: "This is incredible. Like, look at the level of control I can get just in this reverb panel -- Sweet mercy!" June: "Technology's pretty wild, huh?"] [Carmen: "Anyone can just be a music producer now with this! Like how aren't you just making awesome remixes every day?!" June: "'cause I have school, I guess."] [Carmen: "Why even got to school when the Internet has given you such a gift!?" June: "That is a fair point."]

[Nakita LuckSibih from WebToon asks: "Does Daisy have a relationship with other boys?"] [Daisy: "Um, are you - like - starting rumors about me? Cuz, I'm not seeing anyone."] [Daisy: "Well, I mean, I'm - like - you know _physically_ seeing you and stuff, but not 'seeing anyone' seeing anyone."] [Daisy: "Anyway, I'm off to go make out with Calvin Locke. It's - like - supes cazh. No labels or whatever."]"]