[Ghost Writer 13 from WebToon asks: "How did Daisy and Lisa Rose become friends?"]

[Lisa Rose: "At soccer camp. Daisy was the best midfielder, so we became fast friends." Daisy: "Yeah. Game recognizes game!"]

[Lisa Rose: "Ha. You're too kind. I was good on offense, but soccer wasn't really my thing. It didn't bring me joy, ya know?" Violet: "Yeah, I was never really a fan of it either..."]

[Daisy: "That's probably cuz the ball kept getting past you." Violet: "It was actually the other way around. I _let_ the ball go past, _because_-- Lisa Rose: "OMG, Violet! They asked about me and Daisy! Not stupid causality!"]

[June: "Edmund, I didn't know you did needlepoint! That's so neat!"]

[Edmund: "Lady Plume taught me! It's an art what involves stabbin' and Lady Plume said it be a good outlet for me hands!"]

[June: "That's great, Edmund!" Edmund: "Yeah! And I stole _loads_ of thread, so I'll be occupied for weeks!"]

[June stares. Edmund: "What?? It's not like I torched the places or nothin'!"]

[Dolan Glier from Facebook asks: "For the car salesman: Did he ever have to sell a lemon that really wasn't worth it?"]

[Catfield: "Say, pal, whadaya got against lemons??"]

[Catfield: "And I've never sold a thing in my life -- or death! -- that wasn't worth every buckaroo!"]

[Catfield: "Speakin' of which, I've got this fine coat made entirely of lemon pels! And -- just for you -- I got a swell deal!"]